Aviverm™ 50ml and 250ml
Active Ingredient: Levamisole Hydrochloride 24% w/v as an aqueous solution

Worm Remedy for Fowls (Chickens), Turkeys, Ducks, Cage Birds and Pigeons
Aviverm™ is an anthelmintic which provides simultaneous treatment of immature and adult stages of the three most important intestinal worms: Ascaridia (roundworm; Capillaria (hairworm); Heterakis (cecal worm)

Easy to use ONE dose treatment to expel mature and immature roundworms. Birds should immediately resume full growth rate and egg production. A ready to pour liquid concentrate that makes a clear solution in their drinking water. Palatable to birds of all ages.
Worm free birds mean higher egg production, faster growth rate, reduced mortality, better feed conversion, top condition and bloom, uniform batches - fewer reject carcases

For Best Results:

  1. Administer Aviverm™ in the drinkers the birds are accustomed to using and check that all the drinkers are working properly
  2. Avoid treating on a day when normal water consumption of a flock might be reduced due to a sudden drop in temperature
  3. Do not treat in extremely hot weather. Aviverm™ will not affect the growth rate or egg production of the birds, nor will it affect the fertility or hatchability of eggs when used in accordance with directions for use

Directions for Use:

  1. Estimate the number of birds served by each tank and work out their average weight
  2. Using these figures, estimate their total live weight
  3. Now estimate how much Aviverm™ is required at a dose of 1ml per 9kg live weight
  4. Add this quantity of Aviverm™ to the drinking water - ensure sufficient water is available for 8 hours normal consumption


Alternative directions for use for Small Birds:              
(When treating birds invidiually use an eye dropper or small syringe)

Birds 250g Add 1.25ml Aviverm™ to 250ml of water
Birds 500g Add 2.5ml Aviverm™ to 500ml of water
Birds 1kg Add 5ml Aviverm™ to 1 litre of water


For maximum efficiency the treated water should be consumed in the shortest possible time. Withhold water from 2 hours before nightfall until morning, or lights are turned out, and then supply treated water only. Flush out tanks and replace with fresh water after 8 hours or as soon as the treated water is consumed. Broilers and other chickens raised under continuous lighting, withhold water for 1 hour in summer or 2 hours in winter before supplying the treated water. Then continue as above

Withholding Times:
Animals producing meat and offal for human consumption must not be sold for slaughter during or within 7 days of the last treatment. Eggs from treated birds must not be sold for human consumption for 6 days following the cessation of the last treatment
Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, No. A1106

Refer www.foodsafety.govt.nz for registration conditions

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