Q: What would the process be to formulate my product?

A: Provided we are supplied with a detailed product brief we can develop a formulation to meet your requirements. Once the basic formulation is established we will manufacture laboratory samples for customer approval and proceed with further development if required.

Product specifications will be developed based on formulation details and method of manufacture

What are the costs involved in developing a product?

A: Once a final brief is agreed, Jaychem will provide you with an estimate or quote for the work to be undertaken. Throughout the development process you may be advised costs including, but not limited to, laboratory development, stability trials, pilot batches and product testing

Q: What are your minimum order quantities (MOQ) and / or batch sizes?

A: 200L/KG is the minimum batch size we will manufacture

When developing new formulations we recommend the first batch of 200L/KG, generally referred to as the pilot batch, is used for stability testing

Q: What is the estimated timeframe for product development?

A: Timeframes depend on the level of complexity of the formulation and whether the product is registered or not. We estimate anywhere between 12mths to 36mths

What claims can I make about my product?

A: For products being sold in New Zealand any therapeutic claims are governed by legislation

Customers selling to consumers are advised to become familiar with the Consumers Guarantees Act 1993

Animal Health customers should be familiar with the Animal Compounds & Veterinary Medicines Act 1997

Q. If Jaychem develops a formulation who owns the IP (Intellectual Property)?

A: Unless prior arrangements have been made, Jaychem retains the right to all formulations developed. Jaychem retain all manufacturing methods, trade secrets and product specifications

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for further details

Q: How do we ensure the product is compatible with packaging?

A: Product compatibility is at the customer's risk and packaging should be subjected to the environment that you intend the product to endure. Advice on packaging compatibility with active ingredients should be sought from the packaging manufacturer. The customer should also consider how the product will be stored, transported, handled and whether it is durable

Jaychem can offer advice and undertake stability testing. Jaychem recommends spending time and effort on stability testing as this may highlight potential issues

Q: Does Jaychem do label design or artwork?

A: Product artwork, text and design are the customer's responsibility. Jaychem can, if asked, recommend designers and printers who are experienced with commercial packaging. It is important that Jaychem liaise with your designer and printers to ensure artwork and labels are supplied to the correct specifications. Where applicable, Jaychem may request packaging prior to manufacture to ensure compatibility with our machinery

Q: Does Jaychem supply packaging?

A: Jaychem can supply some packaging which we consider to be 'stock' items. Personal Care customers who differentiate themselves by their packaging will generally supply their own. Any printed packaging is supplied by the customer. Jaychem may arrange for printed packaging on the customer's behalf and these costs will be passed on to the customer. Customers are required to supply manufacturers packaging specifications. Jaychem may be able to advise on packaging suppliers that offer different recyclable and/or 'green' packaging options

Q: What are your lead times?

A: Lead times are generally 8-10 weeks from placement of your order. An estimated delivery date will be confirmed on receipt of your order. Jaychem work with you to ensure all components to be on-site prior to the scheduled manufacture of your order. Manufacture will have to be re-scheduled if all components are not on-site at the required time. Your order will then be placed in a que to be re-scheduled and this may take a further 8-10 weeks

Q: What licenses does Jaychem hold?

A: Jaychem holds the following licenses 

  • ACVM cGMP through the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI)
  • Cosmetic, Toiletry, Fragrances Association (CTFA) cGMP
  • Certified Biogro Organic for product processing
  • Hazardous Substances Location for Test Certificate
  • Approval as a Transitional Facility & Operator for Biosecurity

Q: Documentation:

A: Jaychem can supply

  • Certificates of Analysis (COA) for the finished product
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Certificate of Free Sale
  • Certificate of Manufacture
  • Certificate of Origin

Q: What are your payment terms?

A: You are required to fill out a credit application and confirm agreement with our terms and conditions. Generally the first order is paid for prior to delivery; terms are negotiable thereafter. For large orders we may require a deposit before commencing manufacturing

If you are an overseas customer we require a deposit on acceptance of the order payment in full prior to shipping





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