Jaychem History

  • 1979

    Jaychem founded by brothers Arunas and Ed Jancys.

  • 1979

    First batches of toiletries manufactured in their garage

  • 1981

    Moved into Kerwyn Ave premises

  • 1985

    Established Animal Health Division

  • 1986

    Obtained ACVM license and certificate of GMP compliance

  • 1989

    Moved into Andromeda Crescent premises

  • 1990

    First export order

  • 1996

    Katherine Samplonius (Jancys) joined the business as a chemist under the guidance of her father Arunas

  • 2001

    First patent granted

  • 2004

    Richard Jancys joined the business as Business Development Manager, later moving into his current role of General Manager

  • 2008

    Paul Jancys joined the business as Financial Controller

  • 2008

    Moved into purpose built facilities in Kordel Place

  • 2009

    Trade mark and launch of the healthE brand in New Zealand

  • 2013

    Plant expansion with capability for vacuum emulsification

  • 2015

    New ERP system deployed

  • 2017

    Second patent granted

  • 2018

    Team increases to 50 staff

  • 2018

    Multiple international trade marks granted for healthE due to expanding global demand

  • 2019

    Jaychem celebrates 40 years in business

  • 2019

    Plant upgrade, full segregation Human and Veterinary manufacturing

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The Jancys Family

  • Eduard Jancys

    Eduard Jancys


    Engineering Manager (Director)



  • Richard Jancys

    Richard Jancys

    BE (mech)  

    General Manager (Director)



  • Paul Jancys

    Paul Jancys

    BComm, DipComm  

    Financial Controller (Director)



  • Katherine Samplonius

    Katherine Samplonius


    Technical Manager (Director)



The Jaychem Team

The Jaychem Team

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